katie west

I am a Senior at the University of South Alabama. As a student major in Psychology with a minor in Sociology & Geography, I have always felt a connection with my environment and would love to explore the changes that evolve over time! I love being a part of the C3PO lab because I have the freedom to learn and grow in an environment that’s ever-changing.

sarah beth pierce

I am a Biology major at USA. My research interests include behavioral psychology and herpetology genomics as well as bioinformatics. I joined the C3PO lab last semester and have been dedicated to working for the lab ever since. I have always had a love for animals, which led to my curiosity about their behavior. The support and encouragement from fellow C3PO lab members has kept me motivated to pursue my future research endeavors.

chris bass

‌I am in my fourth semester, here, at USA where I am majoring in psychology. I received my associates degree at Mississippi Gulf Coast community college. I joined the C3PO lab for the opportunity to get more research experience and to get to know some awesome and intelligent people.

trisha agrawal

I am a junior psychology major with a physics minor on the pre-med track. I joined the C3PO lab because I wanted more research experience with psychology and have loved animals ever since I was little.

Rocky baker

I am a fourth-year student at University of South Alabama and am quadruple majoring in Psychology, Math, Chemistry, and Biology. I joined the C3PO lab to get a better understanding of the research process and have more experience in the field of psychology. My future goal is to become a psychiatrist and study Neuroplasticity along with its applications to creativity and learning.

ava gordon

I am a junior majoring in psychology and minoring in technical writing. Her interests are in comparative psychology and animal conservation. She has always wanted to work with animals. She joined the lab to work with animals and to gain research experience.

alexeus capen

I am a junior majoring in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. I am interested in researching the long-term effects of trauma, primarily in children. I joined the lab to gain research experience alongside my peers and to learn more about the psychology of animals.

Previous Undergraduates


Psychology major and a minor in Sociology. I am mainly interested in neuropsychology, diagnostics, stress management, and suicide prevention. I joined the C3PO lab for the opportunity to get some hands-on research experience!

heather daley

Psychology major with a minor in gender studies. While my concentration is trauma in humans, I love working in the C3PO lab with animals! I gain research experience alongside working with a great group of fellow lab members.

courtney lewis

Psychology major and minor in communication. My research interests are in child development including children with adhd and anxiety disorders. I enjoy being a part of the C3PO lab because I like doing research and getting hands-on experience!