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Who’s Saying What? Answers from New Technologies

One of the oldest and greatest questions dolphin researchers thump their heads over: “Who is saying what?” While many have attempted to answer, there has always been one great hurdle: Technology. Only until recently, has technology begun to catch up to this question — and wait until you see what researchers have discovered…

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How Do Humpback Whales Learn Their Songs?

A Review of “Cultural Confusion: Parsimony, Social Learning, and Humpback Whales” By Heidi Lyn Humpback whales are well known for their elaborate vocal songs, but how do they learn these? Dr. Heidi Lyn – a comparative psychologist studying cognition and communication in non-human animals – has taken a look at how scientists have analyzed this…

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Masking – Are we louder than dolphins?

With human activity increasing both in coastal and deep ocean, the world’s ocean has become quite a noisy environment. Concerned researchers have investigated how this may be impacting marine life, including marine mammals. One study has investigated the potential effects of pile driving on the dynamics of bottlenose dolphin populations. Importance of Sound to Bottlenose…

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Who’s Saying What? Answers from New Tech

While researchers have studied dolphin communication for decades, science has only been able to generalize what signals are used during behaviors. This is because technology has not been available to localize or tell us which individual is talking and what signals they are emitting. When researchers record communication and behaviors, typically a hydrophone and separate…

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